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The story of the history of the use of Kratom

Kratom - a rather large dendritic plant native to southeastern Asia, which belongs to the family Rubiaceae (it was first described by a Dutch researcher Korthals). This type enrolled in the field of botanical plants such as Corynanthe, Uncaria, Cinchona and like them in biochemical terms. Kratom refer to the same family, where the coffee tree, and highly psychoactive plant "Psychotria viridis". Several other species of the genus Mitragyna actively used in Africa for medical purposes and raw materials to prepare the wood.

The unusual properties of kratom have long been recognized in his home region, which to date have gained considerable popularity in other countries. Here in Southeast Asia, the leaves fresh commonly chewed working to achieve the incentive effect and minimize fatigue. In other places, dried leaves are often brewed tea or the like is extracted with water, then it was evaporated to a resin which is suitable for use. Kratom is not often, but occasionally smoke: this method gives some effect, but it is less noticeable in comparison with other methods of application.

The use of kratom as a tea has its own features in action. The condition in which a person resides after such tea is hard to describe in words. You become less sensitive to the emotional and physical pain, you feel calm, tranquility, enter the special dreamy state, incomparable to anything else. Note also that the enhanced ability to feel the music more subtly, that is very much appreciated musicians, creative people in a state where new ideas are interesting creations for inspiration, and there is an inner desire to create. It should be said that this plant is widely used in meditation, psychological practices of various shamanistic rituals. Under the influence of the craton You will be pleased to lie down to dream in a dark room listening to your favorite music and feeling like a new way. It is very likely that you will get in an extraordinary state of half-sleep-poluyavi on the verge of dream and reality. This feeling will be remembered for a long time.

Let's take a closer look at features of the plant called Kratom. This is a rather rare tree from the family Rubiaceae, which is most common in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Papua - New Guinea. This unusual plant reaches a height of 50 feet, and the spread of branches and sometimes more than 15 feet. The very straight trunk and a little branching. The leaves are dark-green, smooth, glossy: normal, large (approximately 3-20 cm by 12.2 cm), placed crosswise and have stipules. Actually, stipules pronounced, lanceolate. The very same leaf plate leathery, obovate, elliptical, slightly hairy beneath, with plohovyrazhennymi tertiary veins, has a sharp tip and a round base with a few secondary veins.

Kratom has a very interesting history, which will be useful to read. Traditional and regular use of kratom in Thailand began a long time ago, and specifically about his early can be said. The earliest reference to the Kratom was in Western literature and belonged to Lowe, he wrote in 1836 that it was used as a substitute for opium Malaysians if it was for some reason unavailable or expensive.

Known rather curious fact that in some parts of Thailand, it is considered that the parents will be given their daughters to marry rather for those who use Kratom than fond of marijuana. Also, there is a perception that people who use Kratom, more industrious, and those who indulge in marijuana - more lazy. This view is supported by the majority of people who claim to have begun to use Kratom from a desire to work more efficiently, they claim that this plant produces a strong desire to work.

Typical users of kratom - is mostly peasants, farmers and laborers, who are taking Kratom, that somehow brighten up the dull reality and make it easier to cope with difficult physical work. For example, in Bangkok, the drivers of the vehicle-specific "knock-knock" take Kratom as a means of enabling them to always feel much more energetic, and filled with vitality. As for women, they are much less likely to take Kratom than men, perhaps due to the fact that this plant is associated primarily with difficulty, quite hard physical activity, and women have been known to strive to do more housework. The average age of people using Kratom is usually a little more than the age of the consumer other substances.

At home, kratom is known about him a lot of old legends and mythological stories. For example, here is one of the most ancient. In the old days, there lived a fancy boy, who was called Kratom. He lived in the depths of the earth, but often chooses the outside world and walked, trying to hear, see and learn as much as possible. Of what he saw and heard, he told his mother. Such interesting stories not liking the twin sons of the Sun, they were unpleasantly surprised by the boy's curiosity and awareness. Somehow, having met on Earth kratom, the twin gods asked him, "How are you?". "I'm very happy," - said the boy and told him that is able to send to the people sleep, serenity, tranquility, amazing vision. Hearing this, the twin gods decided that Kratom knows too much to attend this world, because we want to drive him away for ever. They immediately ordered the inquisitive boy fell through the ground forever. But then at the same place, sprouted an unusual tree, exactly such Kratom leaves that adorned the heads of the people, to give them spoykny mind and peace. In memory of this unique boy named gods plant "kratom."

Widely known story about how Kratom came to the rescue of a tired wanderer who could not beat the way, the last effort sat down under a tree to rest and try to chew kratom leaves, in order to somehow quench thirst, thereby acquired new silica and inner calm , so that made it to the target sooner than expected. Tell that the military had used Kratom before important fights, so as to encourage physical force, discard all the hardships and desperately rynutsya into battle without feeling pain and suffering defeat. By the way, the evidence shows that the vast majority of these fights was crowned for such military victory. There is still a lot of interesting stories and facts associated with this plant, and it is said that Kratom quite popular tool that attracts for its miraculous powers.

It is necessary to elaborate on the use of kratom in medicine. It has a high potential in terms of the use of a cheaper and safer alternative to methadone: facilitates the withdrawal of morphine-like opiates because of kratom are opioid agonists. There are more new information proving that mitragynine used in New Zealand for the treatment of methadone addiction. According to this information, a person smoked kratom every time the feelings of withdrawal symptoms, the best treatment period was 6 weeks. The patient spoke of the bright hypnagogic dreams.

In addition to use as a psychoactive tree Kratom Malay healers used for de-worming, eliminating coughs, improve circulation, improve skin tone and the symptoms of diabetes. Also, it is used by other ailments, such as enlargement of the spleen, Kratom gives pain relief and promotes quick healing of wounds, it is used as a good remedy for fever and diarrhea.

Recently seen quite unconventional use of kratom is expanding its scope. For example, some people use it as a stimulant for visualization. Kratom brewed as a tea, in the amount of 10 to 20 grams of it creates a special delicacy of perception of, dreamy state, which extends almost to the dreams in reality. This is accompanied by an action: the music instead of the usual sound is hauntingly enticing unusual form in which clarifies many had not zamachavshiesya details. If you surrender to the will of thought, they quickly turn into a dream. At the same time there has been no intoxication and very adequately understood what is happening around, however, the stream itself is pretty naughty thoughts and plohokontroliruemym.

Step kratom and depends on the method of its application. Consider the most common options for the application and effects that can be achieved.

In its natural form:

Usually in Thailand fresh leaves are chewed by deleting the main, central vein. In order to avoid constipation salt added to the leaves. Also, you can chew the dry leaves, but because they are very hard, they crumble into powder. Needless use leaves food traditionally accompanied zapivaniya blocked something hot, for example, coffee or water.


You can make a kind of extract, if the leaves are boiled in water, evaporate the liquid and the remaining slurry was collected. Such means can be stored for a long time for subsequent use. Small balls of this paste is allowed to swallow or brewed as a tea. Sometimes people add there the usual tea, sugar or honey.


Tea leaves to add water and boil for 15 minutes over low heat, then drain, cover with fresh water and repeat this 2-3 times. The resulting tea is drained into a container and boil to reduce the volume. Some people combine kratom tea from a plain black tea or green teas. You can add honey or sugar, in order to sweeten it.
Unusual feature of this plant is that a small dose usually acts as a stimulant as well as a large dose of relaxant. And it is obvious, because the active alkaloids have a stimulating and relaxing effect.

Actions stimulator (5-8 grams):

Increasing physical and sometimes sexual energy. There is a greater capacity to do uninteresting, monotonous physical work. Man differs more talkative, outgoing, and friendly. In terms of stimulating the mind more attentive.

Euphoric, sedative, analgesic effect (8-15 grams):

The first signs of action are felt after 10 minutes, the effect is felt in warm, running through the body, the waves. After 30 - 45 minutes, this effect is significantly increased. Comes the euphoria and the body feels great. Play out any pain. For some there is a slight itching or sweating, nausea sometimes possible. At full power lasts for about 2 hours, and then - quite pleasant after-effects for a further 2 hours. In addition, Kratom can occasionally cause an inability to focus vision.

Kratom ons delta and mu opioid receptors, but beyond that gives a very uncharacteristic signs of opiates: can increase the vision, makes colors brighter, causes mild hallucinations, feeling of oneness with nature, euphoria. This plant encourages the mind and body to work and study, giving a feeling of total well-being and relaxation.

As for the danger of kratom, the health problems are unlikely, unless, of course I just do not get involved in the daily use of kratom. In Thailand, people who daily use this herb, there is weight loss, a rather dark pigmentation of the face and the subsequent physical problems if they abruptly stop taking it.

Talk about kratom, its history, and features an unusual action can be infinite, but the words will not give you that incredible feeling and a great state that you can feel for yourself. This is a very interesting experience, especially for people looking for themselves, something new, experimenting in various fields, growing spiritually experimenting. Kratom - a unique plant that promotes natural relaxation, the convergence of man and nature, the discovery of his true being. Kratom acquire the best online - there is always a rich selection of Kratom Leaf (Malaysian, Bali, Indonesian and Thai), Extracts and Capsules.

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